As an established full service product management company, Victradco Ltd. has the capabilities to fulfil your creative needs.  With over forty years of experience in Asia in helping our customers fulfil their projects, our teams of experienced Sales and Merchandisers are ready to make yours a reality.  We have a complete resource list of materials such as wood, glass, metal, ceramic, resin, and others.  And we can provide a complete package from conceptualisation to illustration, sculpting to sampling, manufacturing to inspection.  Please look for us to complete your sourcing needs.



Victradco Ltd. was established by our founder, Mr. Po Shin Chang, in March 1967 with an initial investment of US$1,000.  At that time, the world was ripe for introducing Taiwan made products and therefore Mr. Chang took this opportunity, coming straight out of graduate school, and began Victradco out of a rented space in a warehouse.  From this location, Victradco began to grow in the general gift and home decor industry.  As business grew in dollar amount, capital was also increased several times in 1967, 1980, and again in 1982.  Mr. Chang had invested the profit back into the company to later gain a capital of US$38,400,000.  In 1992, he became chairman of the company.

At the peak of Victradco’s success, she had employed well over 200 staff while sales volume was over US$70,000,000.  In 1994, the company began an intensive program to computerize its workplace to increase employees’ performance and efficiency.





In 1997, Victradco was in South East Asia as an entity to help with the transaction of TECO Air-conditioners as well as Gold Elephant 525R Polish Cement.

In March of 1999, Victradco continued her reach into China with yet another location.  This continuous expansion had enhanced Victradco in sourcing and supporting their product development and control.  Through this, Victradco has developed a very strong background in a variety of materials including porcelain, poly-resin, glass, wood, and metals/antimony, just to name a few.  Victradco believes that in order to provide the best services in the industry, we must be sensitive to the current market trends and to always be ahead of the competition.  

To further diversify our reach into the consumer market, Victradco invested into and later became owner of a small but well known Japanese furniture supplier in 2003.  Emblaze Enterprise was established in 1982 and mainly exported furniture items for both home and office.  With our involvement in the company, Emblaze was later able expand into decorations and sundries as well as import products from Japan.  Currently with a staff of 10, Emblaze provides our services as OEM and ODM and co-operative products to our customers throughout Japan.  

Moreover, Victradco believes in long term relationships with their clients.  As an example, Victradco has been in a long-term business partnership with the Enesco Group for the past 45 years.  Other long time clients include Ashton Drake GalleriesThe Bradford Exchange, American Greetings, Yankee Candle Corp., Winston Marketing Group, Target, and QVC just to name a few.  Once a business partnership is developed, Victradco supports this relationship to make sure it last forever.


In order to expand its business, Victradco invested and opened up liaison offices throughout South East Asia.  The reason behind this expansion was to utilize all the available resources in the surrounding Asian countries as well as helping manufactures bring their standards to a higher level.  Along with this expansion, Victradco also increased their in-house art department from just six illustrators and sculptors to almost 30 artists.  Their main job was to help Victradco’s clients with the conceptualization as well as the realization of flat art into the three dimensional world.

At the same time, Victradco began to introduce Taiwan to the world of fine collectibles and musical gifts through a gift boutique called Victoria Giftique.  Besides the main store, Victoria Giftique was also located in many of the country’s leading department stores such as Sogo and Takashimaya.

Victradco also began to invest in and develop a new line of golf equipment with our brand name IGUANA™.  Besides using graphite shafts and titanium club heads, IGUANA™ was the first to introduce Beta Titanium clubs to the domestic and international market in 1998.  With the Beta-Ti clubs, IGUANA™ was also the first to introduce the deep cavity-back design later imitated by the larger competitors.  





With the recently fluctuation in the export gift and manufacturing industry and with the decline in consumer spending in home decorations and accents, Victradco looked deeper into expanding into the domestic market of Taiwan, namely the sport and recreational market.  After a corporate restructure and downsizing in 2008, Victradco introduced to the domestic market in 2009 a cycling apparel line from New Zealand called Solo Cycle Wear.  This classiqué cycle wear jersey line introduced cycling fashion to the Taiwan population.  And with this, Victradco is still continuing to look for new and exciting brands that can be an addition to this new direction.  

For 2011, Victradco introduced yet another sports and recreational line to the Taiwan market.  C3fit compression wear from Japan is a professional grade quality apparel for the active person in all.  This line of compression wear takes into consideration scientific formulas to provide the best compression and recovery solutions for the athlete.

In 2015, internationally renowned professional ski wear brand, GOLDWIN Ski, was added to our portfolio of professional athletic wear. GOLDWIN Ski brings to Taiwan ski wear using technological advanced materials such as Kodenshi down and fabrics. GOLDWIN Ski sponsors the Sweedish Alpine Ski Team.


Other entities in the business group include:

Emblaze Enterprize (emblaze.com.tw)

Exporter and OEM/ODM of high quality home and office furnishings for the Japanese Market.  Customers include:  BALS(Francfranc)、ADAL、イトーキ、コクヨ、Asplund、Nafco、MCLiving、ニトリ


Hong Tai Investment Company

Primarily in stock trading and venture capitals.


Robina Finance and Leasing Corporation (robina.com.tw)

One of the first leasing companies operating in Taiwan to provide services in the business community and in 2012, a branch office in Kunshan, China.


Yun San Corporation (yunsancorp.com)

Importer and distributor of high luxury fashion goods such as Cath Kidston,  La Chemise Lacoste, Marlboro Classic, Ted Baker, Tory Burch, Vivienne Westwood, etc.


Yun San Motors (yunsanmotors.com)

Importer and exclusive agent for high luxury automobiles such as Bentley Motors, Aston Martin, Bugatti, and McLaren Automotive.


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